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Proposed Site Access Options

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Evolving Masterplan Proposals

It is important that a masterplan is carefully informed and influenced by its surroundings, and our masterplan for Leggart Brae is no exception. The landscape approach to the northern part of the site has therefore been informed by the Den of Leggart. Here the falling valley topography to the north lends itself to the creation of new open parkland. In the south of the site, we have looked at surrounding developments, some of which date back to the 1950s and in their own unique ways, have been successful in providing new places for a mix of people and families to live in the City, all of which have been complemented by green and open space.

We have also looked across the city at good examples of urban design. Accordingly, we have sought to replicate the same strong and well-defined street patterns that characterise some of the city’s most enduringly popular areas such as the West End. While Comer Homes Group is new to Aberdeen, our analysis of the city has also confirmed to us that some of its more appealing areas have a good mixture of different house types. Historically this has allowed mixed communities to flourish, and this is a legacy that we would also like to see passed on at Leggart Brae. Accordingly, we have suggested a range of different house types and sizes that can importantly provide an opportunity for people and families at different stages of their life. We appreciate that access and traffic are matters that will be of great importance to our neighbors. We are also actually aware that future residents of Leggart Brae will want to pursue active lifestyles and therefore accessible on foot, bicycle, and by car have and are continue to be, carefully considered as part of these proposals, not just for new residents but for our neighbors too.

For this reason, we have not finalised our plans for access yet but would like to take the opportunity of this community consultation to seek the views of the local community. The main image above shows  1 of the 3 access options we have been exploring, all of which, we feel can offer safe and convenient access for a series of different users. Please take the time to have a look at all the options and images.

We would really like to hear what you think about each of these options. Please complete our questionnaire here