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15 Apartments
Boundary Planting/ Screening
Revised layout of lay-by to A92
Boundary Planting/ Screening
Site Entry & Revised Junction Layout to A92
Boundary Planting/ Screening
The emerging Proposed Development includes:
• A mix of private and affordable homes, with final numbers of units to be determined but with a current capacity of 116 units.
• A mix of housing types and sizes, including apartments and family housing
• Character areas to create a sense of place and identity within the proposal
• Cycle/pedestrian route to the Den of Leggar t
• New site access which will allow for safe active travel east-west between the site and Kincorth and improve connectivity to local ser vices
• New planting to improve biodiversity and create a pleasant place
• New green and blue infrastructure as part of an integrated landscaping and sustainable urban drainage strategy
   15 Apartments
15 Apartments
67 Houses 45 Apartments
  The Proposed Development as presented above represents the first step in updating the proposal from the previous application and in the context of new national and local planning policy and guidance.
The proposals will continue to evolve to take account of feedback from the public; more detailed considerations resulting from the outcomes of technical assessments which are being undertaken; and from pre-application discussions with Aberdeen City Council and other stakeholders.
It is intended that an updated proposal showing additional detail will be presented at the next public consultation and we will advertise the date for this in due course.
112 New Dwellings Total
Den of Leggart
connection to existing track
woodland edge to A92
connection to Kincorth
Indicative Landscape Graphic
connection to existing housing
Leggart Brae
Landscape Strategy

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